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resources and books for internationals and expats

The resources below are ones I have personally read/watched/listened to. It's just a sampling of the many resources out there in various languages.

A listing here does not necessarily mean that I agree with all the ideas represented. See for yourself, spit out the bones, and let me know if you know of a resource you think I should add.

after the last border book for refugees

After the Last Border (book)

By Jessica Goudeau

A true story that I believe many "uprooteds", no matter their journey, will resonate with. 

podcast for third culture kids

Thoughts from Limbo (podcast)

Hosts Laura & Nerea; Guest Ruth Van Reken 

I have not listened to all of the episodes on this podcast, but this one stood out to me as being very well-said and relatable. 

Where is Home?

A TED Talk by Pico Iyer

Pico Iyer understands the complexity of the question, "Where are you from?". He understands loss and gain. Here, he speaks of stillness. 

Pico Iyer Ted Talk about home for internationals
third culture kids book

Third Culture Kids:

Growing Up Among Worlds

By David C. Polluck, Ruth E. Van Reken & Michael Polluck

This book may be the "gold standard" for understanding Third Culture Kids. Being based in research over the decades makes it a bit of a hefty but worthwhile read.

group for third culture kids TCK and ATCK

Third Culture Kids: TCK's Worldwide

Facebook Group 

A delightful group connecting TCK's worldwide. Join and see that in the midst of a vast diversity of experiences, you are not alone. 

I do not receive any compensation or advantage for items/links listed on this page.

the grief tower.jpg

The Grief Tower

A Practical Guide to Processing Grief

With Third Culture Kids

By Lauren Wells

This short, easy read goes deep. It provides structure and creative ideas to help parents, caregivers, or others working with TCK's to help them process negative experiences.


Unstacking Your Grief Tower

For Adult Third Culture Kids


By Lauren Wells

Similar to "The Grief Tower", this easy read provides adult TCK's with a simple structure on why and how to process the TCK experience. does not receive any compensation or advantages for the resources listed here.