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Poetry & Prose

river showing change and transition

By Czarina Baker

This poem explores essence and identity in the context of constant change.                                                                                                                                      

empty room sadness of missing home

By Hannah Entz

This poem tells the story of leaving behind a beloved home.

airplane moving transition change homesick

By Hannah Entz

This poem describes how our bodies can quickly change location, but mentally and emotionally it takes time to truly "arrive."

sisters sharing overseas experiences

By Hannah Entz

This poem of friendship by the author to her sister explores the value of having someone who has been through the same complex existence. 

saying goodbye homesick sad

By Hannah Entz

This poem explores the impact of leaving a place behind. 

door to memories overseas

By Hannah Entz

This poem is a follow-up to "Goodbyes" in that it shows how our memories connect us to the places we left behind. 

weaving identity and wholeness

By Hannah Entz

This courageous poem asks piercing questions about identity, connectedness, and wholeness in light of a highly mobile lifestyle. 

flames of grief loss and war

By Laura Lanford

Written on the day that war entered a city that I love... again. Words cheapen grief and yet, failing to express grief somehow cheapens it as well.

echoes of goodbyes and grief

By Hannah Entz

This poem talks about the accumulation of grief after many goodbyes. Whether or not you resonate with the author's conclusion, her work eloquently expresses grief and hope.

multicultural diversity

By Laura Lanford

This piece celebrates the rich beauty of culture and diversity while bemoaning the necessity of accepting tradeoffs.  

All works posted with permission. All rights reserved by the authors.

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