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Not sure what's best for you?

Individual Sessions

These sessions are available to adolescents and adults. They take place online at a time that is convenient to you. 

These sessions are designed to be a safe place to process your feelings and experiences, explore your problems, ask hard questions, share your dreams, discover new ideas and create positive changes.

Sessions may take place weekly, biweekly or as needed. 

Group Sessions

Online group therapy is particularly helpful for individuals who want to connect with others who "get it", or who want to practice multicultural relationships and communication in a safe setting. Benefits of groups include camaraderie, multiple perspectives, accountability, increased confidence, and self-discovery.​

For those of you who are hesitant to join a group, I can say that  just as we are wounded in the context of relationships, we also heal in the context of relationships. There are few means of growth as powerful as a safe, supportive, understanding group of people. 

Cost varies according to group. 

Groups are currently being planned; please check back soon.

Group Anchor

Parent Consultations

parent fern with child fern leaves

Unfortunately, I don't offer online sessions for small children. However, I do offer consultation sessions for parents wanting to help their children of any age through the challenging seasons of pre-uprooting, uprooting, and post-uprooting. 

I  experienced uprooting at various stages during my childhood, teenage, and adult years. Additionally, I am trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI®) and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT®). These  interventions strengthen the parent-child connection, the #1 factor affecting child resilience.  



Change is challenging.

Just as anticipating the changing seasons allows us to prepare for them, anticipating transitions can help us to enter the new as smoothly as possible.

Debriefing provides individuals, families, or groups an opportunity to prepare for upcoming change or process recent change.

Debriefing may not change your situation, but it does allow you to consider how you want to respond to your circumstances. You can also learn from what others in limbo have found helpful or harmful.

Sessions are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Have a unique need? Reach out! 

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